Ivanka Trump, Eu de Parfum, Amazon, Buycott

Ivaka’s star rises despite efforts by progressive-controlled corporations like Nordstram’s to attack Donald Trump through his daughter.  Trump’s daughter saw her product lines dropped by Nordstram’s and other anti-Trump corporations, but the attempts to sabotage her brand have not met with much success.

BizJournals reports:

Ivanka Trump Eu de Parfum Spray for Women and Ivanka Trump for Women Roller Ball are the No. 1 and No. 2 best sellers in Amazon’s “Beauty” department, respectively. They retail between $15 to $46.50 on the website.

Some Americans have bought Ivanka Trump’s products on Amazon to show their support for her during the boycott.

“Bought this to support Ivanka after the vicious attacks on her business,” C.W. Johnson wrote while giving the Eu de Parfum Spray five stars on the Amazon site. “I *never* buy perfume without trying a sample first but did so this time. Big Bonus – I love the scent! It is fresh and feminine and something I will wear frequently.”

Efforts by progressive trolls to hurt the rating of Ivanka Trump’s products have also met with little success.  Despite sending in an army of progressive trolls to give Ivaanka Trump’s products a 1 rating, Amaazon’s system of filtering out fake ratings is also defeating their efforts.  From BizJournals:

…Amazon’s algorithm still gives the product 4.9 out of 5 stars because its “machine learned model” factors in the age of the reviews, helpfulness votes by customers, and whether the reviews are from verified purchases.

Be sure you share this article with all your friends, ESPECIALLY your progressive friends.  Let them see their efforts to sabotage our revolution are being met with failure, over and over and over again.