The frontman for Incubus is bragging about going down south and infecting Trump Country with a West Coast ethos. Ethos? Advocating for silencing Christians and forcing homosexual acceptance on everyone? Ethos?
I just love these hard-core metal bands, bands like Rage Against the Machine, that like to fancy they’re rebels while they go out and pimp for a more powerful, more intrusive, more controlling state in the hands of fewer people with billions of dollars. Yeah, if you’re fortunate, you’ll get the cure for your infection. The cure is Trump, the infection is progressivism, or, West Coast Ethos.
Rock on, boot licker.

With a new Incubus album on the way — not to mention, a killer summer tour alongside Jimmy Eat World — the veteran singer-songwriter has been making the press rounds. Recently, he sat down with his pals over at Forbes Magazine and talked about everything from being in a band for nearly 30 years to keeping things mostly in-house when it comes to collaborations. Naturally, Trump’s America came into play, and as expected, Boyd was fairly forthcoming about the topic:
“It is definitely one of the most interesting times politically and socially, interesting being the operative term or lack of a better term. I feel like the kind of creative sentiments that are going to be the most beneficial are the ones that are a little bit more lovingly subversive. Yes, there’s the need for open protests, like go into the streets protest.
I did the women’s march downtown, it was one of the most beautiful afternoons I’ve ever spent in my city here. I was so proud of Los Angeles, I was so proud that many people could peacefully gather and walk in the streets in opposition to so much of what the coming administration stands for.
But, from my point of view, I feel like the types of ideas that are going to be the most lovingly effective and lasting are the ones that people don’t even realize they’re being infected with. So people in Trump country are like, ‘I love this song.’ And they’ll be infected with this kind of west coast ethos.

Source: Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd intends to “infect” Trump country with “west coast ethos” | Consequence of Sound