James Comey vows he will continue on as FBI Director, according to a recent comment he made to the press. Comey has vowed he will stay right where he is until his term ends, in 2023. Do you think the President should continue to have an FBI Director who so openly serves to undermine a sitting President?

In the midst of a continuing political fight over links between Russia and the campaign of President Donald Trump, FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday publicly said he has no plans to leave his post before his ten year term runs out.
“You’re stuck with me for about another six and a half years,” the FBI Director said to a cyber security conference in Boston.
Comey was confirmed by the Senate in the summer of 2013 – unless he leaves on his own, or is fired – his term would end in early September of 2023.
Source: FBI Director says he’s staying in his post as questions swirl over Russia | Jamie Dupree – WSB Radio