Support President Trump as he leads the charge against the war on freedom!

William R Collier Jr- The left want to destroy our free and sovereign republic. They want to destroy the America envisioned by our ancestors as the cradle of a new and free civilization rooted in the ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. These are the ideals of our nation’s spiritual constitution, and when you follow them in harmony and balance with one another and for the good of every individual, you arrive at a place rooted in our early heritage and yet pregnant with future destiny for our nation.

The genius of America as a vision for a future that is better than today is its strong spiritual, moral, and philosophical foundation which reveals potential not yet met but still possible. And that America, the America with this spiritual constitution, stands in strong opposition to the utopian nightmare that is the Progressive ideology with its love of a strong central power and its suppression, violence, hate, and lack of civic virtue. 

Our revolution, the Trump Revolution, empowers America and moves us forward. It stops the old nonsense of merely slowing down the advance of the Progressive war on freedom and aims at overthrowing it entirely. 

It is a revolution in constant peril. It is led by our President, but without our visible show of support, it could be blocked and even undone. We have to organize. We have to take direct action online and even on the street, although not in the unethical and violent manner the Progressives and their allies are engaging us. We cannot and we will not resort to hate, violence, and vulgarity to make our point. But we must show the rest of the public that our President has strong support and we must show corporations and public figures who attack our President that they do so at risk of losing their standing with half or more of their potential customers and fans. 

If you disagree, then no need to read on. But I know many of you agree. I know many of you want to take positive action, again, not in the hateful, violent, and vulgar manner of our opponents, but in a manner that makes our support visible and stronger than the noises made by the paid progressive thugs rioting in our streets and assaulting our free republic.

We are creating a platform here. It is a platform for organizing and vocalizing our support for President Trump. While we will provide insights, tools, infornation, and even training to facilitate this, it is you who will form virtual and local groups to take action and to promote your own individual efforts along these same lines. And we will help organize events and actions, involving people who step up and take action with us in the decision-making process.

Right now we see the following ways we can help facilitate positive action:

1. Information- subscribing to free daily updates keeps you abreast of news from the front lines of the Trump Revolution and we seek to model our approach on the priorities and objectives of the Trump Administration.

2. Blogging- we are signing up authors who want to participate in covering the Trump Revolution from their perspective and who want to promote their own efforts to our audience. This will eventually include seperate blogs and State blogs connected to our network.

3. Virtual groups- we will use forums and groups on this site to facilitate connecting people around their passions as relayed to defending the Trump Revolution.

4. News Watch- this is going to be a project centered around monitoring, reporting, and reacting to fake news attacks on the Trump Revolution and mounting positive responses aimed at holding individual media personalities responsible for their lies.

5. Local Round Tables- we want to facilitate the informal creation of Round Table Groups of Trump supporters who use our platform to connect and organize their group and, as these groups emerge, we want to create a mechanism for these groups to elect delegates to a National Congress of Trump supporters which will develop and implement activities at the regional, state, and national level.

We are also going to advertise other groups and events in support of Trump on an Action Page so you can get a quick overview of opportunities to support the Trump Revolution and what other people are doing. We want to become your one stop resource for news and opportunities. 

This will cost money, but, no worries! As our audience grows, we have no doubt we’ll find sponsors who want to reach that audience or even paid subscribers who want an ad free experience. This is not a non-profit group, it is free market powered, which seems more appropriate to our shared mission and which is much easier to manage. Currently we reach nearly 65,000 to 150,000 people per week and over 200,000 in our first month of existence. We grow daily.

We have ideas we will share, and actions we wish to facilitate, but ultimately you will be deciding how you use the platform we are building. It won’t cost you, unless you want to show your support as a sponsor or a paid subscriber. We figure if we do a good job serving your needs, we will not have to worry about funding.

More is to come. Keep watching this site.