In what should surprise no one, U.S. House Permanent Select Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA.) said on Wednesday that the NSA is cooperating with their investigation into who spied on the Trump Transition team, while the FBI has failed to respond.  Nunes said, “And I’ll tell you, NSA is being cooperative, but so far the FBI has not told us whether or not they’re going to respond to our March 15th letter, which is now a couple of weeks old.”

Nunes also started, on the leaking of the General Flynn’s communications, “We don’t actually know yet officially what happened to General Flynn.  We just know that his name leaked out but we don’t know how it was picked up yet. That was one of the things that we asked for in the March 15th letter, was for the NSA, CIA, and FBI to get us all the unmasking that was done.”

Nunes also would not rule out whether President Trump personally ordered the surveillance take place.