Could it be that the Democrats have more to fear from a Russian-Election investigation than Trump does? Could Hillary’s deleted emails have the answer to the connection between the Clinton team and Moscow? Wayne Allyn Root posits a theory that seeks to answer just those questions.

If Democrats want congressional investigations into Russian connections, I say we give them major investigations. Let’s start with Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and his brother Tony.
Why Hillary herself, you ask? I’ve been publicly talking about this story for many years. The Clinton Foundation was from the start a bribery and extortion racket set up by the former president of the United States and his wife, the secretary of state. They didn’t just talk to Russians or other foreign governments and foreign leaders. They accepted massive bribes, disguised as “charitable donations.”
This happened while Hillary was secretary of state. Even the Gambino crime family couldn’t dream up an extortion racket this big.
I can hear famed mob attorney Oscar Goodman advising his clients, “You can’t possibly extort foreign governments in plain sight while you’re secretary of state. Are you out of your mind?”
But why would any of this audacity shock anyone. Never forget the king of Morocco donated $12 million to the Clinton Foundation only on the condition that Hillary show up at his event.
Bill Clinton received a $1 million birthday present in return for a five-minute meeting with the leaders of Qatar.
There are many more instances of “donations” traded for access to the U.S. secretary of state. But none of them beats the $145 million received by the Clinton Foundation in return for Secretary of State Clinton selling 20 percent of the U.S. uranium stock to … guess who?
The Russians.
Source: COMMENTARY: What about the Russians and Hillary Clinton? | Las Vegas Review-Journal