Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager accidentally revealed a telling secret, Hillary Clinton and her campaign KNEW about the wiretaps on President Trump’s campaign by the FBI, under the charge of rogue FBI Director James Comey.

Fox News reported:
“Today Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager told Fox he had knowledge of wiretaps being used during the campaign but he suggested they were targeted at Russian officials, not directly at Trump Tower.”

….This was a well coordinated attack on a Presidential candidate, but unlike when Nixon was caught in ’74, Obama doesn’t have the luxury of a sympathetic president in the Oval Office to pardon him.
Robby Mook is merely the first Democrat to roll over and start squealing. As the heat continues to rise on the criminal Obama administration and Clinton campaign, it won’t be long before they are tearing each other to shreds, trying save their own skins at the expense of their former colleagues.

Source: Clinton Aide Squeals: ‘Everyone Knew’ About Obama’s Illegal Wiretapping – Your News Wire