Trey Gowdy hammers James Comey as he attempts to give voice to conspiracy theories that connect Trump to Russia, while seeming to want to deny facts that suggest operatives are intentionally attempting to undermine President Trump.
He hammered him specifically about the lack of movement in holding leakers of classified information to account.

Gowdy pressed Comey to “seriously investigate” who leaked this information.
“Whether Russia attempted to influence our Democratic process is incredibly important,” Gowdy said.
“But one thing you and I agree on is the felonious dissemination of classified material most definitely is a crime.”
“So, I would humbly ask you to seek authority from whomever you need to seek authority from,” Gowdy continued, “Because I will finish the same way I started, this is an agreement between the American people and it’s government.
“We, the American people give certain powers to government to keep us safe and when those powers are misused and the motive is not criminal investigations or national security, then I’ll bet you my fellow citizens are rethinking their side of the equation,” Gowdy said.
“Because that U.S. citizen could be them next time. It could be you, it could be me, it could be anyone, until we start seriously investigating and prosecuting what Congress thought was serious enough to attach a 10-year felony to,” he said.

Source: Gowdy reminds Comey intel leakers face 10 years in prison – The American MirrorThe American Mirror