In a move that some might view as a bluff being called, America’s second favorite RINO, Senator Lindsey Graham, and another RINO favorite, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, wrote a letter to the Justice Department asking for proof that President Trump’s claims, that FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama wiretapped his campaign, be provided to the Senate.
I am betting that the real bluffer is Lindsey Graham, and that, in the course of the next few weeks, that bluff will be called.

Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) are requesting the Justice Department and FBI hand over any potential applications for a warrant to wiretap the Trump campaign.
“We request that the Department of Justice provide us copies of any warrant applications and court orders … related to wiretaps of President Trump, the Trump Campaign, or Trump Tower,” the two senators wrote in a letter to Dana Boente, the acting deputy attorney general, and FBI Director James Comey…
The senators added that once they are able to review a warrant request or any potential court orders, they would “proceed as appropriate with the oversight the President has requested.”
The letter comes after Graham told reporters earlier this week that the Judiciary subcommittee that he oversees with Whitehouse would dig into Trump’s claim that the Obama administration wiretapped him ahead of the election.
“He’s challenged the Congress to look into this, and I will, along with Sen. Whitehouse, look into whether or not there was any lawful warrant requested and received on the Trump campaign and whether or not there was any illegal activity regarding the Trump campaign,” Graham said.
Source: Senators want warrants, court orders for any Trump wiretapping | TheHill