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A German Newspaper Editor is calling for the assassination of our American President, Donald J Trump.  The editor-publisher in question is Josef Joffe, who heads the German weekly news publication Die Zeit.

He was making an appearance on a German news panel show, ARD-Pressclub.  The panel was answering calls from viewers.  One viewer called in and asked if President Trump could be impeached to “end the catastrophe.”

A female panelist answered,  “There has to be a qualified two-thirds majority of the Senate in order for a removal of office to take place,  These are politically and legally pretty high hurdles, a lot would have to happen for it, we’re far away from that.”

That response is actually cogent to the caller’s question and addresses the caller’s actual question in a lucid, factual manner.  But then, in comes Joffe, who simply answered, “Murder in the White House, for example.”

That’s right, Joffe is suggesting that the best way to end the catastrophe is to murder our President.  Now, we know that Angela Merkel has all kinds of hate laws and laws against inciting people to violence.  Somehow, I’m betting those laws won’t be enforced because the target isn’t an Islamist that might be raping German girls, but rather it’s an American President who doesn’t appear to want to play Merkel’s, and, I’m assuming, Joffe’s Reindeer games anymore.

This is the same guy who wrote this brilliant hit piece on Donald Trump entitled, “Trump has bared his fangs to Merkel. He will do untold damage to Europe.”

Here is an excerpt from that demonstration of Progressive Party Press hate:

But then, Trump bared his fangs. Her open-door policy on Syrian refugees was a “catastrophic mistake”, a term he repeated thrice. How could she give up control of her country’s borders, “taking in all those illegals?”.
Nor were the Germans amused by Trump’s next broadside that targeted Germany as master of Europe. “Look at the European Union and it’s Germany. Basically a vehicle for Germany.” Of course, Berlin is number one by dint of economic clout and strategic position. But we don’t utter such inconvenient truths in polite western society. Sticking to protocol, Merkel’s spokesman did not fire back. He just noted that his boss had read the interview with “great interest”. Make that: you are out of bounds, Mr Trump.

So, as you can see, the real problem here is OUR President recognizes the full-on Progressive Hate Empire Merkel and her cohorts of self-hating Germans wants to build and Joffe got his feels hurt.  Trump’s out of bounds for challenging that Progressive Hate Machine Hegemony in Europe, but you’re NOT out of bounds for calling on OUR President to be murdered?

Hypocrisy, thy name is progressives.