The former Star Trek and nothing else star, George Takei, has taken to twitter to express his desire to get Hillary Clinton declared President, come what may. Based on no evidence, Takei is somehow claiming that a CNN report could prove (though it doesn’t, and never claims to do so) that Trump colluded with the Russians to get the Clinton emails released.
Now, nevermind that those emails revealed what snakes and liars the whole lot of DNC folk really are, that’s…ok…because they’re Takei’s snakes.
Here’s the story from Twitchy. Be sure to click on the link below and read some of the responses to Takei’s insane tweet.

Like so many other progressives, though, (George) Takei really seems to think there’s some path that will lead from President Trump’s impeachment to Hillary’s inauguration. No wonder the Democrats were so up-in-arms over SCOUTS nominee Neil Gorsuch declaring he was an originalist; he probably thinks there’s some amendment or something that would make Mike Pence president even though Hillary got more votes.
In any case, Takei seems optimistic that CNN’s big scoop about U.S. officials having inconclusive information that suggests further investigation might reveal that associates of the president possibly might have colluded with the Russians is going to pan out and force that election do-over everyone’s been hoping for.

Source: If CNN’s bombshell scoop is true, the election is null and void, says constitutional scholar George Takei –