Mike Jerrick back on Air after dropping BS word on Morning Show

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Local Fake News Media Outlet Fox29 is bringing back one of the cohosts of their morning news show, “Good Day Philadelphia” after a week of suspension.

Last week, Mike Jerrick dropped an expletive in his attack on Kellyanne Conway after viewing a clip in which Kellyanne Conway used the phrase “alternative facts.”

Jerrick countered that she’s good at “bulls#%t facts.”  He let his Progressive Party Press credentials be laid bare for the world to see, and his party bosses applied a token 1 week suspension of the potty-mouthed news journo has-been.
Jerrick was once an anchor on Fox News before being, it seems, permanently demoted to local work.  He came back and apologized for using the BS word, but not for helping to contribute to the fake news story that Conway was addressing in the first place, the now-debunked CNN picture that alleged to show a sparsely attended inauguration for President Trump.

Showing that progressives are the sexists they warned you about, Jerrick then joked that maybe the weather person, Sue Serio, should distract from his inappropriateness next time to “get me off the hook” by flashing the camera.

But it’s ok, Jerrick is a member of the Progressive Hate Machine AND the Progressive Party Press, so it’s OK to be a sexist pig.

It’s so wonderful to have Jerrick back, however.  Given his lack of discipline displayed last week, we have every reason to hope he’ll continue to show the world what naked progressivism REALLY looks like.