Tracking The GOPe Clowns


We need to create a database of Republicans who are standing with President Trump and those who are not standing with him, so we can see how far we have to go to win a majority in the House and the Senate of Freedom Builders who stand by our President. The idea is to get 29 volunteers to help us compile this list, or to just have people post information on their member of congress or senator. What we need is to have a list, BY STATE, of all Republicans who are with Trump, all who are against Trump, and all Democrats who we need to replace with a Freedom Builder candidate.

For now, post your information below-

Post the state, district (for the house)m current officeholder, Party, yes or no if they support the President, and any opponents that might have.

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  • Ohio-Senator Sherrod Brown democrat 13 district next election 2018. Has voted with President Trump 29.2% of the time.
    Ohio-Senator Rob Portman Republican 13th district,next election 2022 has voted with President Trump 91.7% of the time.
    Ohio representative the 13th district next election 2018. Has voted with President Trump 14.6% of the time.
  • Arizona, Senate, John McCain, Republican, No, No, We are stuck with him until 2022.

  • Arizona, Senate, Jeff Flake, Republican, No, No, Dr. Kelly Ward, President Trump Favors Dr, Kelly Ward 

  • What we have SO FAR

    State Senate Dist Incumbent Party YES/No Reelect opponent opponent Notes
    IN x Tood Young R YES NO
    IN x Joe Donelley D NO YES Todd Rokita Luke Messer Rokita is more hard-core Trumo
    PA x Bob Casey D NO YES Rick Saccone Lou Barletta Trump Favors Barletta
    PA x Pat Toomey R NO NO
    PA 11 Lou Barletta R YES If he runs for Senate we will need to support a different person

    Members of the United States Congress -
    The United States Congress is made up of 100 senators, 435 representatives, and 6 delegates to the House of Representatives.
  • Fort Wayne Indiana
    Todd young senator R Trump supporter
    Joe Donnelley senator D 40% support
    • thanks! Are either of these up for re-election and who is your member of Congress?

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