After recently making a defiant speech vowing to resist the democratically elected President of the United States, and amidst calls in his state to secede from the Union because conservatives are now in power, Governor Jerry Brown is now calling on Donald Trump to help a brother out.

That’s right, Governor Moonbeam now needs the President’s help.  The East Bay Times is reporting that, “Brown formally requested the declaration for the series of storms striking the state between Jan. 3 and Jan. 12.”

Governor Brown cited “heavy rains, winds and snow, particularly in Northern California, left eight people dead and knocked out power to an estimated 1 million Californian homes and businesses.”

I am not suggesting that the Federal government shouldn’t help California, after all, at least 30+% of Californians have not signed up for the anti-human, anti-liberty, ant-prosperity agenda of the progressives that rule that state.  But how sweet the irony that this man and this state government that pretends to be so defiant against having a conservative in power has no problem soliciting that conservative-run government for money.

This fits the overall progressive ideology, never turn down “free money” and never be shy about soliciting for “free money,” even from people who you are aggressively attacking and seeking to destroy.  This, my friends, is the progressive way.