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Self-described feminist and Avengers Director, Joss Whedon, took the twitters yesterday and attacked Ivanka Trump.  He compared Ivanka to a dog, a Pekingese, to be exact.  He also compared her husband, Jared Kushner, to a “Voldemort in Training.”
Here is the tweet:
“Hey, keep your eyes on this f–king prize too. He’s a Voldemort in training, & unlike the Pekingese he married under, can play the long game.”

The irony is not lost on anyone that a self-described feminist would resort to making fun of a woman’s looks as a way of attacking her.  Of course, the fact that Ivanka is considered by most to be a beautiful woman would never prevent a classy guy like Whedon from accusing her of looking like a dog.

The irony is also not lost that Josh Whedon happens to look like a Turtle Clown that went off his meds and is now wondering around homeless, unable to find the nearest Turtle Clown shelter.

The problem with the proggies is this, their ideas all depend on power to be enforced.  There’s a saying that goes, “good ideas don’t require force.”

That’s the problem with progressives, they have no good ideas, all they have is force.