One of the stalwarts of the progressive hate machine, Federal Communications Chair Tom Wheeler, is now undone.  His replacement is the outspoken critic of the heavy-handed, oppressive regulations of the FCC under progressive rule, Ajit Pai.

From The Hill:
Pai is currently a commissioner on the FCC board and an outspoken critic of many of the regulations pushed by former Chairman Tom Wheeler, who stepped down Friday.
Most notably, he has been a fierce opponent of the net neutrality rules enshrined in the FCC’s Open Internet Order, and all signs point to Republicans gearing up to roll back elements of the regulation.
Pai has had good relations with congressional Republicans and he will be closely watched as he works with House Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.) and his Senate counterpart, Chairman John Thune, (R-S.D.) to undo the many tech and telecom regulations passed under the Obama….A report from Multichannel News last week also said the new president’s team is eyeing a massive overhaul of the FCC. The changes could shift many of their efforts on consumer protection handed off to the Federal Trade Commission.

Yeah, we welcome Commissioner Pai as yet another key part of the Revolution to undo progressive control over our lives comes into place with the elevation of Pai to FCC Chairman.