In what appears to be an effort at damage control by the FBI, something of note comes out of what FBI Agents are telling the press anonymously. The key revelation from these agents is NO EVIDENCE was found that corraberated ANY CLAIMS the Trump Team was working with the Russians to hack the 2016 Presidential Election.
While I, for one, have SERIOUS reservations that the claims by the FBI that Trump Tower was not wiretapped, and that information obtained in those wiretaps was NOT strategically released to the complicit Progressive Party Press, the fact that these agents, who seem to have no issue using their powers to attempt to sabotage their boss, President Trump, are offering an exoneration of Trump bears significant weight with me.
It could very well be, however, that their only reason for offering exoneration of President Trump is in the hope that people will stop asking questions about how far the FBI’s surveillance of a major Presidential Candidate actually went, who ordered that surveillance, and what, ultimately, was the motivation behind that order?
We, for one, will not stop asking questions, no matter what Comey and his army of clandestine Deep Staters wish will happen.

“There were indicators of Russian activity and uncorroborated allegations of Trump associates having contact with key figures and we needed to know if they were connected or not,” one source described. “We’d be remiss if we did not answer that question for the national security community….”
….Agents were examining allegations of computer activity tied to Russia.. Very quickly, they concluded the computer activity in question involved no nefarious contacts, bank transactions or encrypted communications with the Russians, and likely involved routine computer signals.
The towers are home to Trump’s business, personal residence and then-campaign headquarters.
….The officials also strongly disputed that the FBI’s intercepts of conversations in December between soon-to-to-be U.S. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were part of a continuing Trump-focused national security investigation. In fact, they were part of a long-established special intelligence program in which the FBI is routinely permitted to review intercepts of Russian embassy officials.
Source: FBI probe of Donald Trump and Russia during election yielded no evidence of crimes | Circa News – Learn. Think. Do.