The Progressive Hate Machine attempts to ostracize Tiffany for Trump for being guilty of being a Trump.

The twitterverse went wild with a picture of Tiffany Trump at a Fashion show apparently being dissed by the progressive hate machine for being guilty of being a Trump.  The picture showed empty seats next to Tiffany Trump, but, as usual, the picture was taken out of context.  However, the way the picture spread, the way the members of the progressive hate machine responded to the picture revealed that, even if the picture didn’t accurately depict what it appeared to depict, that Tiffany Trump was being ostracized, the REACTIONS to the pic demonstrated the desire by the progressive hate machine to do just that.
New York Fashion Writer Christine Brinkley said of the picture (speaking to People Magazine), “It’s easy to assume from a photograph that she sat there, humiliated, with empty seats by her, which wasn’t the case.  She was surrounded by photographers, and the two women who moved were leaning away — they clearly didn’t want to be in those photographs.
Note the last part of that quote, which does reinforce the ostracizing narrative the pic delivered.  People don’t want to be seen in a picture with Tiffany Trump because she’s guilty of being a Trump.
Methinks they’re trying to follow Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, of isolating and ostracizing your opposition.  The problem is, as usual, they only partially follow Alinsky’s rules, rules which, I might add, are excellent in and of themselves, when fully followed.

From the staff here at Trump Revolution, let me add we’d proudly sit next to Tiffany Trump, and we’d proudly have our pictures taken with her.