Roger Kimball at PJ Media wrote a telling article titled, “News, Fake News, Very Fake News: A Primer,” that reveals the immoral underpinnings of the mainstream media in its efforts to use lies, half-truths, distortions, and when available, actual truths to undermine and eventually destroy the Presidency of Donald J Trump. Here is an excerpt below, but it well worth a complete read, so be sure you click to the full story.

The mainstream’s fakery is a moral failing….
The motor of fake news is not inaccuracy. It’s malice…..
…she had to be careful about what she posted on Facebook, Twitter, etc., because anything too explicitly anti-Trump could be used against her when that glorious day came and “they” — the conventional fraternity of groupthink scribblers — finally took down that horrible, despicable man.
“We’ve got dozens of people working on it all the time,” he explained, adding that it was only a matter of time before they got the goods on Trump and destroyed him.
There in a nutshell, I thought, is the existential imperative that has been so gloriously productive of fake news and its exacerbated allotrope, first delineated by Donald Trump in his famous media-bashing presser on February 16, “very fake news.”

Source: The Real Motor of Fake News