Rachel Maddow’s epic fail reveal of President Trump’s tax returns had fallout that reached across social media, even inspiring progressive diehards like Van Jones to call it a win for Trump (Yes! More Winning!).
But the fallout even touched her employers, NBC, who were none-too-pleased with how MSNBC unfolded this embarrassing, obvious, overhyped fake news story.

MSNBC’s big “Trump tax return” scoop has caused friction between the cable news network and parent NBC, according to insiders.
“[MSNBC] announced it on Twitter, and [NBC] found out when [the general public] did,” said a source.
“[MSNBC president] Phil Griffin was trying to undermine [NBC News president] Noah Oppenheim. There was never a conversation. They overplayed their hand in a huge way.”
Host Rachel Maddow teased the story on Twitter, then withheld the story till later in her program, revealing in a big ­anticlimax that Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005. “It’s their cable network, but it’s still NBC News. [NBC] did not appreciate being kept in the dark … To hype such a big story and not really deliver is a bit embarrassing. Airing a story you’ve hyped 20 minutes into your broadcast makes it a lot less of a ‘breaking news’ story.”

Source: NBC fuming over Maddow’s Trump tax scoop | Page Six