Google Boss Attacks Trump, Tea Party

Eric Schmidt of Google Says Trump Means Evil

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The current executive chairman of the parent company of Google, Alphabet (and former CEO of Google), Eric Schmidt had some strong words for the Trump administration at a meeting with employees of the mega-corporation last week.

Schmidt was speaking at the company headquarters.  Buzzfeed managed to obtain the transcript of that talk.  During the talk, Schmidt said of the Trump Administration, “And so I think at the end of the day, they are going to do these evil things as they’ve done in the immigration area and perhaps some others, but the core focus is going to be to get the growth rate in the country — which is roughly one and a half to two percent — up another point by simply pushing through increases in federal spending and overcoming the tea party.”

In response to this temporary halt on refugee travel to the US, Google Demonstrated its virtue-signaling prowess by creating a $4 million crisis fund to help stranded refugees.

This goes to show the mindset of the folks at Google, who’s original slogan, “don’t be evil” might need to be replaced with “do evil stuff to help the progressive hate machine.”

The biases in google search results for President Trump and anything political that is not favorable to the progressive hate machine is becoming increasingly more evident.

This statement by Schmidt shows the contempt he has not just for Donald Trump but for anyone who leans right of the American political spectrum.  If you’re for smaller government, if you’re against massive centralized control by a select elite core of planners and designers over millions of people, then you would be outside of the realm of acceptable political view for a man like Eric Schmidt, just another mega-corporate elite sellout to the progressive hate machine.