The New York Times calls them Climate Change Skeptics.  We call them Americans who are NOT hellbent on using the EPA as a Progressive Political Weapon against prosperity.

The New York Times is upset, and that makes us happy. A recent story from the New York Times was titled, “EPA Head Stacks Agency with Climate Change Skeptics.” Skeptics, the negatively charged term was a carefully chosen word to signal to the people that this is a bad thing, that choosing people who will not use the EPA as a political weapon set against prosperity for the intent of advancing the progressive agenda is a bad thing.
We, for one, applaud the selection of Climate Change “Skeptics,” though our headline for this Progressive Party Press watch item reads a little differently, as you can see above.

Days after the Senate confirmed him as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference and was asked about addressing a group that probably wanted to eliminate his agency.
“I think it’s justified,” he responded, to cheers. “I think people across the country look at the E.P.A. the way they look at the I.R.S.”
In the days since, Mr. Pruitt, a former Oklahoma attorney general who built a career out of suing the agency he now leads, has moved to stock the top offices of the agency with like-minded conservatives — many of them skeptics of climate change and all of them intent on rolling back environmental regulations that they see as overly intrusive and harmful to business.
Mr. Pruitt has drawn heavily from the staff of his friend and fellow Oklahoma Republican, Senator James Inhofe, long known as Congress’s most prominent skeptic of climate science. A former Inhofe chief of staff, Ryan Jackson, will be Mr. Pruitt’s chief of staff. Another former Inhofe staff member, Byron Brown, will serve as Mr. Jackson’s deputy. Andrew Wheeler, a fossil fuel lobbyist and a former Inhofe chief of staff, is a finalist to be Mr. Pruitt’s deputy, although he requires confirmation to the position by the Senate.
Source: E.P.A. Head Stacks Agency With Climate Change Skeptics – The New York Times