Folks, the head of the EPA’s Environmental Justice Office has just resigned amid a realization that the new EPA head doesn’t give fig one for social justice in the EPA.
The head of this dubious office that oversaw…..well, no one quite knows what he oversaw….has decided that under this administration he would no longer continue to do anything of note.
Mustafa Ali leaves behind a legacy of social justice nothingburgers and we are all the better for his departure. Here, in part, is his resignation letter.

“When I hear we are considering making cuts to grant programs like the EJ small grants or Collaborative Problem Solving programs, which have assisted over 1,400 communities, I wonder if our new leadership has had the opportunity to converse with those who need our help the most. I strongly encourage you and your team to continue promoting agency efforts to validate these communities’ concerns, and value their lives.”
“We’ve had both [Republican and Democratic administrations] over time and none of them tried to do anything to destroy what the previous administration had done. Folks are just hoping that this one will wake up and see value in continuing this important work.”

Good riddance Ali. For some tweet reactions, go to Twitchy’s coverage of this catastrophe of catastrophes for no one but the safe-space feels gang.
Source: Founder of EPA’s environmental justice office quits; Also, the EPA has an environmental justice office –