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The Progressive Party Press attempts to color President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech as being “dark,” “foreboding,” “divisive,” “racist,” even “Orwellian,” appears to have failed miserably.

A poll released yesterday, which was commissioned by Politico, but conducted by Morning Consult, showed a very different perspective among most Americans who watched the speech.

Before we get to the results, we NEED to point out that the poll itself was significantly skewed.  Politico and Morning Consult made every effort they could to get the result they wanted, AND STILL FAILED.

Just take a look at the breakdown of the poll:
Female respondents were represented 53/47
The breakdown in party was 37% Democrat, 32% Republican, and 30% Independent.
The breakdown of women revealed a HEAVY slant toward liberals:

Democrat Women 414, Republican Women 335, Independent Women 313 –

Despite all these efforts, the poll revealed 65% viewed the phrase “America First” positively, while JUST 22% viewed it negatively.  49% viewed the speech itself as excellent to good, while 39% viewed it as fair to poor.

This just goes to show that the power of the Progressive Party Press to mold the minds of Americans to fit their anti-liberty, anti-American agenda is getting weaker and weaker and weaker.

Given the heavy bias built right into this poll, one can only imagine that the ACTUAL view of Americans who watched the President’s Inauguration Speech is even more favorable than what this poll shows