Dan Savage, the progressive shill that preaches love but practices hate, is at it again. This time his target is the First Lady, Melania Trump. Savage said of Melania that she is “ugly on the inside.”
Here is the audio from this ugly exchange by Savage:

He added, “I think we can credit that undeserving charitable view of our new first lady to our propensity as humans, as a species to think that the insides of pretty people match the outsides of pretty people. And that may be true sometimes but only randomly. And everyone always beware of confirmation bias. And you know what it’s definitely not true in this case. Mrs. Trump, Melania Trump, is as ugly on the inside as she is pretty on the outside. She is a birther. Pretty Melania went on TV to push the same racist conspiracy theories about Barack Obama that her husband did. She’s an immigrant who doesn’t give a s**t about the plight of other immigrants. She’s famously a plagiarist. And she’s brought ruinous lawsuits against journalists and bloggers accusing them of, among other things, potentially interfering with her ability to profit off her role as first lady.”

Source: Dan Savage: Melania Trump Is ‘Ugly on the Inside’ – Breitbart