Tags:  Kellyanne Conway, Sean Hannity, Campaign Manager, Counsel to the President

Donald Trump’s campaign manager and current counsel, Kellyanne Conway, was on Fox News last night where she revealed some startling things.  Conway is calling out the Progressive Party Press on their ruthless tactics to demean, invalidate, and even incite violence against anyone who dares oppose their progressive agenda.  On Fox News’ Hannity Show, Conway told Hannity that “We let the pool press in … and immediately the print pooler sent out the pool report that the MLK bust had been removed. It is false. I don’t want to say his name publicly because I don’t want him to get attacked like I do.”

She then dropped a far more disturbing piece of information when she said,  “Because of what the press is doing now to me, I have Secret Service protection. We have packages delivered to my house with white substances. That is a shame.”

That is right, this is exactly what the progressive party press does.  They seek to discredit you first.  And, failing to do that, they seek to silence you by making you afraid of the dogs of progressivism they set loose with their hateful rhetoric.  This is why we refer to folks such as the Progressive Party Press as being part of the Progressive Hate Machine, for this is what they do.  And remember folks, progressives adopt a “by any means necessary” philosophy.  This is why they are so much more prone to act out violently against those who oppose them politically than conservatives do.

We extend our prayers to Kellyanne Conway that she be protected from these progressive assault and that she not be cowed by fears of these progressive hate machine rabble rousers, the progressive party press.