A community College is backing off its previous ruling to suspend a student for exposing a Professor’s Anti-Trump rant, reinstating the student and allowing him to resume his eduction.
Here’s the professor’s rant:

The College Fix has the story:

College rescinds suspension of student who recorded professor’s anti-Trump rant

The Coast Community College District Board of Trustees on Thursday agreed to remove the suspension and sanctions against a student for recording his professor’s anti-Donald Trump rant.

Student Caleb O’Neil was suspended from Orange Coast College for allegedly violating a policy that prohibits recording professors after he filmed his human sexuality instructor telling the class days after the November election that Trump is a “white supremacist,” Mike Pence is “one of the most anti-gay humans in this country,” and that the election results were “an act of terrorism.”

In a statement released by the board, its members said their decision to lift the sanctions “is in the interest of fairness and equity for all.”

“It is time to move forward with increased empathy and understanding of the differences that have (existed) and will exist on a campus filled with individuals from an array of backgrounds who bring with them a wide range of political views, religious affiliations and ideals,” said the statement, a copy of which was published by the Orange County Register. “This is part of what makes OCC great.”

“I’m so happy right now,” O’Neil, 19, a member of the college’s rowing team, told the Register. “I’m just happy I can row and go to school. It’s great news.”

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