Despite Wolf Blitzer’s efforts to aid the Deep State in its attempt to prevent President Trump from making America again, the interview with House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes reveals more about that cabal against President Trump than anything about a conspiracy between Nunes and the President.
What you are seeing in this interview is the Fake News Press, the Progressive Party Press, doing its best to focus on the investigation into President Obama and James Comey’s crimes rather than the crimes by these two traitors themselves. Watch the video for yourself and judge. Listen very carefully to the contempt, the hatred in Blitzer’s voice as he interviews Nunes, contrasted against the patience and calm in Nunes’ voice.
Pay careful attention to the 8 minute mark, where Nunes outlines the actual crime he is investigating, the unmasking of Trump transition team members in inappropriate ways, along with standing by the assertion that the President was spied on during the transition.

Throughout the day today liberal media have been trying to make a controversy over House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes visiting the White House on the day prior to his press conference revealing surveillance of Trump transition team members.
The implication of the MSM reporting was that Nunes was in cahoots with the Trump administration. However, Nunes has explained that the visit to the White House facility was needed because the databases of intelligence are “compartmented”.
Meanwhile, CNN’s insufferable agenda-driven Wolf Blitzer tries to get Chairman Nunes to break the rules and say too much about confidential material. Blitzer is literally trying to compromise Nunes during his broadcast.
…..The congressional oversight committee asks each Intel Agency to transmit their originating intel to the congressional SCIF. The NSA has been cooperative in complying with the Intel Committee’s requests to share the NSA database of their information. The FBI has NOT been cooperative in sending their proprietary originating intelligence information to Congress or the Intel Committee.
Obviously the information Nunes needed to see (Eisenhower building SCIF) related to the executive office (Obama administration) and their coordination with the FBI (Dept. of Justice). Hence, only the executive office SCIF database would hold the information because the FBI was/is refusing to send it to the House Intel Committee.
The reality of James Comey actively working to the benefit of the Obama White House is becoming increasingly obvious.

Source: The Case Against FBI Director Comey Grows – Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes Explains Need for White House SCIF Visit… | The Last Refuge