CA Senator Nancy Skinner Trolls Melania Trump Because Feelz

Melania Trump, California Senator, Nancy Skinner, Work Visa, Sanctuary Cities

From the State flagship of the Progressive Hate Machine, California, comes this bit of trolling from a Democratic State Senator named Nancy Skinner.  She’s upset at the President’s stance against cities that violate Federal laws, so-called Sanctuary Cities.

In retaliation, she thought it would be swell to drag First Lady Melania Trump into the melee.  Skinner is calling for Melania Trump to release her work visa papers from when she first entered the country back in 1996.  She’s following on the heels of a Progressive Party Press story, this one by the flagship of the PPP, Associated Press, that said Melania Trump was paid over $20K for a modeling job seven weeks before she had legal permission to do so.

For the record, no one is disputing her legal status in the United States today and even the Progressive Party Press has to acknowledge that this seems more like trolling than any legitimate query, and dragging up an incident that happened 20+ years ago is in bad form.  When the Progressive Party Press questions the tastefulness of what you’re doing, perhaps you’ve gone too low.

But nothing is too low for California Lawmakers, so color me not surprised.  Also for the record, in September Melania Trump tweeted out a letter from her immigration attorney that documented the incident in 1996 was perfectly legal.  But never let facts get in the way of a good trolling.

I thought the Progressives were the party of women.  Why, then, is this Progressive Party Hack, Nancy Skinner, unfairly, unjustly attempting to troll another woman, the First Lady, Melania Trump?