Bill Collier- While I am happy with the response to our call to action so far there are those who believe we can’t do anything, like holt rallies and events to show our support for President Trump, because “we have jobs.” So I want to address that.

What I envision are rallies all over the country on a Saturday, but perhaps for 6 weeks straight. Perhaps some will be held on other days. Local groups form to do this and work up a schedule to fit everyone’s needs. Few of us work every single day and taking a few hours to make your support for President Trunp visible is all that is needed. 

We are an action-oriented effort. We are going to be building out a platform to facilitate the creation and regional coordination of these groups which, for our purpose, we call Round Table Groups and Round Table Teams. We expect if other groups pick up the idea we will do what we can to work with and support them also.

Some of you may only be able to help online with posting and commenting about events to make them visible to other people online. We know the media will lie about this or not cover it at all.

Not everyone is going to agree with this strategy. But for those who agree we should be making our support visible to counter the narrative thay only the left has support, let’s do something. Let’s stop ceding the streets to the left. We do have jobs and nobody is going to pay us. Aside from a few small sponsors, we are working on a shoestring here, I think as we provide more and better things that might change. But for now, we work with what we have. 

Our inspiration for action is threefold and should resemble a combination of the Tea Party events, President Trump’s rallies, and the Right To Life march. In other words, peaceful and positive but vocal and visible.

President Trump is not the kind of man who is going to have his lieutenants waiting around for him to think of ideas or take action, he expects them to act. We a need his supporters, we should not need to have him tell us we need to show our support. We should see how the fake news press are attacking him and realize a strong and visible show of support is needed to counter that narrative. And, realizing that, we should prepare for action.

It’s time to gather. We are offering this sleace, starting by registering with this skte, and then to turn these ideas into plans and actions. If you are too busy to attend an event, you can help spread the word and, when events happening, you can share things about them to make them visible. Plenty of you have said you will come and participate in events, so I can tell you events will happen.

The first step is to register. We are going to have a sign up form well send to registered users for people who can help with planning, coordinating, communications, and governance to make these ideas happen. 

For those who believe we should make our support for Trump visible in a positive and peaceful manner, which is another way to show the huge difference between us and I left, there are going to many ways you can help. This “media property” is going to be a platform for action. That action is always going to be peaceful, positivex and sensible and everyone will have some way they can participate.

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to be part of something historical and positive for our country, and I think most of you will.

Founder and Director Bill Collier- ready for action.