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Greetings all you fellow DEPLORABLES!

It's time to roll. Our President needs us, our country needs us, to step up and stand out in a visible way that gets attention. We want to encourage fellow Trump supporters that they are not alone. We want to show the politicians in the GOPe that our coalition will decimate them at the ballot box if they don't stop meddling in and hindering our agenda. We want to show the nation at large not to believe the fake news polls.

How will we do this?

Simple. We are going to organize ourselves and do "flash protests."

What is a Flash Protest? It is a small, unannounced protest by as few as 3-5 people, as many as 20, who show up with signs and who make a video of themselves  We will have lots of ideas on things, people, and organization we should protest. We also prize your ideas! Alternatively, we may show up to show SUPPORT for a politician or a news personality, for instance, for doing something good.

You need to join the main Trump Revolution Group for information- CLICK HERE

There, you can see and share ideas on how to do your own Flash Protest.

On our main site, you can also start your own local group, or any kind of group, and invite your friends join. If you need a place to go where you won't be shut down, or where you know you can have privacy, use our platform. Go the MAIN GROUPS HUB NEW GROUP to start your own group.

I also encourage you to write your own blogs on this platform. You have an opportunity to have your blog entry featured here and shared to our 107,700 member and growing Facebook page! CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR OWN BLOG POST NOW!

I am looking for VOLUNTEER LEADERS to help coordinate this effort. In general I need:

Senior Community Guides- you will help moderate and assist members who want to start a group or stage their own flash protest

Broadcast Team Members- I need 5-10 people who will help devise strategies, and carry them out, to get videos produced by local people in their flash protests out to the world, as well as to help recruit people for this activist network

Page Editors- people who will help produce content for The Trump Revolution Page: if you have your own group or organization and want to be able to post your content on our page, this is an opportunity

To inquire about any of these opportunities, email

I am so glad so many of you have answered the call to get involved!

William R. Collier Jr.

Founder- The Freedom Revolution USA

Trump Revolution USA

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By William R Collier Jr.- We must draw a line. A simple line. If the President is removed by ANY means other than an election, we will stand with him and against anyone who participated in the effort. We will make our voices heard all across this land, we will thunder from the streets, and we will work very hard to remove anyone who fails to respect our vote.

We won the election, we refuse to be robbed, we will not go quietly into the night if these charlatans in office fail to protect the sanctity of the votes and of our Constitution. We refer our political opponents to the precepts of the Declaration of Independence. The removal of our President other than through a free and fair election is a bridge too far, we will not even consider any legal or mental gymnastics used to justify such action. Period. WE STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!

If the GOP or our elected officials will not stand and protect the victory we won through a fair and free election, we will do so ourselves. The GOP will be finished as a political party. We will elect our own people. We will win. You will lose. The immediate and powerful mass cry for an alternative to the GOP will stun the elites. And when we re-win what you stole once, we will have our own special prosecutors.

You cannot rob us of every election, and elections will continue. You can't silence our voices, we will work together to make our voices heard. You cannot buy off all those we have elected, they will continue to be a thorn in your side. Your media are not trusted. Your courts are not trusted. Congress is not trusted. It is inevitable that freedom will win.

JOIN US HERE- This is going to be the main TRUSA organizing group…/trump-revolution-usa-m…

If you think the paid-for protesters from the left flooded the streets, wait until you see our tsunami! (Only we won't riot, loot, or resort to violence: we don't need violence because God is with us!)

To forewarned is to be forearmed. If you did succeed by some device or trick in removing our President you would be starting a political battle with us, the people who voted for President Trump, that would cost you your seats and your Party. We will NEVER accept your phoney justifications or excuses, and we will never obey or submit to any President other than a duly elected President, Donald Trump.

We will conduct massive civil, and peaceful, disobedience. We will simply not follow any orders from anyone you try to illegally place in office over us. We won't need violence, we are legion, and you are incapable of stopping us when we act as one. And, believe us, we will act as one!

We will work with local officials who uphold the Constitution and who will render their locale sanctuaries of freedom where civil disobedience is protected from illegal deprivations.

We will flood the streets and show the world we stand with President Trump against you. Our votes and our donations will work against you at every level.

Under no circumstances will we accept a change of Presidents outside a free and fair election, and this includes impeachment and removal by corrupt members of Congress who we do not trust or support.

We demand the end of the witch hunt. We demand the removal of Meuller and his cronies. We demand the GOP leadership support our President 100% right now and punish any member of the Party who refuses to give their support. We have had enough.

Do you agree? Drop me an email at or copy and paste this. Invite people to like this page so we can rally the masses.

This is the main group outside of Facebook where we can organize OUR defense of our duly elected President:…/trump-revolution-usa-m…. Please join and share your ideas.

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