Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is proudly conducting pro-forma, one-minute "meetings" in the Senate every three days to block the President from making any recess appointments. That is bad enough, what is worse is that this trick REQUIRES unanimous consent from all 100 Senators to work. If ONE Senator objects, then the Senate is actually out of session when the Senators return to their home states.

What this shows clearly is that the ENTIRE GOP, including EVERY Senator, has it in for President Trump and the whole freedom revolution we wish him to pursue. It is a revolution in which the swamp creatures lose power and we gain power. It is a devolution of control from DC to private initiative and local communities. It is a revolution against rule by judicial and regulatory fiat.

The entire GOP sold us all on being with this revolution. Now we see Senator Mitch McConnel whining like a chastened schoolboy that our expectations for the GOP are "too high." 

If you want to know which Senators need to be replaced, and how much support our revolution really has along even our ELECTED officials, you now know- zero. They don't want our revolution, despite anything they say to the contrary. All their ads urging us to support them were false advertising. The entire thing is a giant scam.

So what can we do?

Well, we have to start here, ourselves. We are the only thing that stand between the deep state globalist cabal and their final victory, a victory that imperils our liberty and our livelihood. The ONLY elected official we can trust is the President, and that is why he is taking fire from every direction.

So what's the plan?

For now, the plan is to GATHER HERE, together. 

Let me explain.

Back in 2008, after the election loss, a few of us decided we needed to foment the rise of a right-ward leaning, pro-free market movement centered on limited government, lower taxes, lower spending, and a rebirth of capitalism. The beginning was small. After a series of conference calls and email exchanges, we started to promote what we called the Tea Party.

The idea was simple, at first- encourage local people, through our platforms, to organize local events rallying for these things. At first, a few small groups held a few scattered events. I was the Community Governance Advisor for Team Sarah, which is now a property managed by my company but was then a platform funded by the Susan B. Anthony List. I held countless training sessions, our team of 6 people pushed this idea, I personally set up lots of pop-up websites and both my brother and I used our company to do SEO and content marketing promotions to make tens of thousands of people aware that something was happening.

We have the TCOT group, Smart Girl Politics, and individual organizers like Michael Johns and Tricia Cunningham all doing similar things. 

What began as a trickle became a flood.

But something happened along the way. We were so decentralized that it was easy for celebrity personalities to capitalize on the work, to funnel people and donors into their organization, and their pockets. The message became diffuse, there was a growing lack of discipline.

My aim through The Freedom Revolution as a platform, and eventually an app, is to foment a NEW and larger movement, one that has more discipline, but that has the capability of ascertaining and following the consensus of its supporters.  But the starting point is really similar- use a large platform, such as The Trump Revolution which has almost 108,000 followers on Facebook, to foment events that are then promoted until local groups become ever larger, and are connected to a national infrastructure that is essentially controlled by its members.

This time I refuse to allow celebrities to take control. But I need your help.

This vote reveals that we are on our own. The President can only really count on us. Our freedom revolution, a revolution which changes power from the swamp creatures to main street, will be destroyed in its infancy if we do not take action together now.

Join is now at and help spread the word. 

At this time, I do not have enough business to keep buying ads and doing promotions, so without asking for donations, I must rely on you to spread the word.

We can do this.

I know the way. I have been here before, but I had support then (including a stipend and a small part time paid staff). Now, we have only each other.

Join now, and keep watching for updates on ideas. 

William R Collier Jr

Freedom Revolution Founder

Trump Revolution USA

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