RINO Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Just as running as a Republican doesn't mean you follow or share the values of the Republican platform (think RINOs), so too claiming the MAGA banner doesn't make you MAGA supporter!
It is fashionable of late for candidates in Republican primaries to wrap themselves in the MAGA banner. This can be especially true in cases where an elected official or candidate had not support President Trump when he was President Trump.
But let's take some wisdom from the Bible. it says "beware of wolves in sheep's clothing." You see, a wolf who wants to devour the sheep, or get their votes, will put on sheep's clothing. In this case, they'll wrap themselves in the MAGA banner and parrot all the talking points of the MAGA agenda.
But words and banners should not fool you. A candidate or elected official who was not enamored of President Trump but who otherwise has a track record of supporting the kinds of things we associate with the MAGA agenda is preferable to one who voiced early support of Trump but who lacks a proven track record.
This makes total sense, doesn't it?
When analyzing a candidate or elected official as to their intentions going forward, you cannot, and must not, be fooled by the banner they wrap themselves in. Of course, a candidate who cannot run on a proven track record of fighting for conservative values, or even being loyal to the Republican Party, will take the low road of using a banner and slogan you and I associate with good things.
But a leopard doesn't change its stripes. When some officials and candidates opposed Trump on the grounds they didn't think he would do what he said he would do, and then were transformed into supporters or supported him out of party loyalty (which is a legitimate reason to support someone), they did so in defense of what we now call the MAGA agenda.
Others, the actual nevertrumpers, are still out there, in dwindling numbers, because they are either bitter or they oppose the MAGA agenda itself. Too many, however, give lip service to Trump and the MAGA agenda while their track record doesn't support their claims of being for that agenda.
If we support fake MAGA candidates, perhaps because the REAL MAGA agenda candidate was not an early supporter of Trump, we endanger what progress has been made. You can be sure, these banner-wavers are not sincere and they will not be an asset to what we call the Trump Revolution.
MAGA is not a mere banner anyone can wave about to get our votes. MAGA is an agenda you have to have shown solid support for, even before it was given that name. Our standard has to be higher than someone saying "I supported President Trump before my opponent did!' That is shallow politicking.
We don't care if you use "hashtag MAGA" all day and all night.  if your previous track record doesn't demonstrate a real, and fearless, commitment to that agenda, we'll choose a later convert to supporting Trump who has a track record we can rely on over an early convert who is only using that banner to conceal their lack of such a record.

If you are a REAL MAGA supporter, in deed and in word,
then JOIN US NOW as we gear up for the mid-terms
to fight to promote and elect leaders
who will ACTUALLY support our real agenda!
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  • We need a contract with America that politicians should sign if they want our vote (like Reagan had). 

    • Deliver on Champaign promises
    • Put America and Americans first
    • Respect our flag, Anthem and country
    • Uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    • Abide by and uphold our laws
    • Maintain a strong military for national security; but not empire building
    • Protect Christian values and accept that God is core to our country’s heritage
    • Be financially responsible with our tax dollars
    • Help those truly needing care or a hand up
    • Resist the hate, elitists Political Correctness and division tearing at our country
    • Be accountable, a leader with solutions; not part of the problem in Washington

    Support President Trumps Agenda!

    • This is good stuff! I should share Reagan's 10 Commandments which I came up with in 2008.

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