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It's a severe case of payback for daring to ask a question.

A day after the Senate Ethics Committee's "severe admonishment" of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, Steve Lonegan, a conservative Republican congressional candidate in CD05 wrote to the Star-Ledger editorial board and asked when they might comment on the Senate Ethics Committee's action against Menendez.

"The Senate Ethics Committee said Thursday that Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, who avoided conviction in a federal corruption trial last year, violated federal law and Senate rules in accepting unreported gifts from a friend and political ally." (Washington Post, April 26, 2018)

It's now been five days, and the Star-Ledger has yet to comment on Senator Menendez.  Instead of making a statement about the corrupt Democrat, Star-Ledger editor Tom Moran quickly scratched around for a Republican to attack.  It's called deflection.

Moran claimed that a 12-year-old unfounded allegation from a former Democrat candidate for mayor in Lonegan's hometown, long known as crank, and noted for his serial accusations of officials in Bergen County, amounted to a "gay slur" even though the man alleging the slur isn't gay.  When it was pointed out that there was absolutely no proof to the allegation, Moran replied in writing to Lonegan:

 "We are also writing about the accusation against you making a gay slur, as you know.  We believe that's grounds for you to step down from the race."

Unfortunately, for the Star-Ledger, while editor Moran was writing these lines, a New Jersey court was confirming that the accuser Moran based his attack on had no veracity at all.  The case was dismissed.  When this was pointed out to Moran, he published anyway.

It is no surprise to those who have been following Moran that the Star-Ledger editor doesn't believe in fairness or due process.  After all, in another Star-Ledger editorial (from 2013) Moran labeled the Constitution as a “source of our woes” and suggested that President Obama or a future President Clinton be given the power to appoint 10 senators and 50 congressmen to serve “at large”. 

Five days on and still no word from Star-Ledger demanding that corrupt Democrat Bob Menendez step down from the U.S. Senate.  Maybe they will never comment? 


You can read the Ethics Committee's full statement here:

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John McCann Is A Tax Dodger

OPINION- Running against a real conservative in New Jersey's 5th Congressional District, John McCann, an ally and subaltern of Democrat Sheriff and County boss Michael Saudino, John McCann likes to portray himself as the Trumpiest of Trumpians. 

We are calling BS on that. A man who aided a Sheriff who switched from the GOP to the Democrats and who aided in an historic takeover of a former Republican stronghold by the Democrats is no Trumpian! 

We have just learned, through basic research, that the man is a tax dodger. The IRS has leans of $118,000 out on him. Meanwhile, he loans his own campaign $100,000, which it is doubtful he'll spend. A slippery lawyer who will try to ride the MAGA train, he has zero credentials as a conservative and plenty as a friend and ally of the Democrats.

We present exhibit A:

Being MAGA is about more than SAYING you support President Trump, it's about a proven track record of fighting for the values and the agenda we associate with the MAGA agenda.


We think....


We think....

He is a tax dodging, slippery poser

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In New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District, there is only one candidate with a strong conservative track record. He is a man who has been fighting for lower taxes and limited government all his political life. He is a man who has many successes in moving public policy under his belt, and a man who embodies the MAGA spirit in what he does, not just what he says!

Steve Lonegan is a man of immense integrity. A strong Cruz supporter in the primary, as were many of our friends, Lonegan stood behind the Party nominee when the primary was over. He has never looked back!

Today Steve Lonegan remains an articulate supporter and defender of the MAGA agenda. On countless TV interviews, often he alone is battling “panels” consisting of RINOs and liberals, putting them all to shame.

It's one thing to say you are a Trump supporter, it's another thing to have a long history of supporting the things we associate now with President Trump and to defend those policies and our President as fearlessly as Steve Lonegan does! Put another way, Steve was MAGA before it was cool!

Steve's Democrat opponent is a Clintonite pretending to be a moderate. Steve's primary opponent is a man who worked for and was the right-hand man of a Democrat sheriff and who wants to be like Arlen Specter.

Neither of these men can be counted on to stand up and fight for the taxpayers, or for the MAGA agenda. One is a liberal masquerading as a moderate and the other is a right-hand man of a Democrat masquerading as a Republican! Both men count among them the same supporters, namely a Republican mayor who endorsed both the Democrat, in the last election, and now the fake Republican in the primary. Both men served as the right-hand men of Democrats.

We cannot afford to listen to mere words, not now, We have to examine associations, track records, and true success: Lonegan wins on all those counts! He is a conservative stalwart and is known nationally for his successes in fighting for lower taxes and reducing government waste. As a mayor, Lonegan governed exactly as we would expect a strong conservative to govern.

When Steve Lonegan wins this race, we will have a strong ally for President Trump in the House and a strong voice for the kind of things we want to see get doneSteve Lonegan will support getting the wall built, ending our open-border policy, making the tax cuts permanent, protecting the sanctity of life, and much, much more!

President Trump’s two top lieutenants during the election of 2016, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, not only endorsed Steve but participated in a fundraiser to support his campaign. They support him because they recognize, as do we, that Steve Lonegan is the real deal, at his core he believes the things we believe and he fights every day to advance them!

Our over 112,000 members want to see men and women elected who will carry the torch of what we call The MAGA Agenda with fearlessness integrity, and skill. We don’t want mere words, we want action, and Steve Lonegan is a man of action!

If you want to help Steve Lonegan win, join his growing digital army BY CLICKING HERE NOW!


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