John McCann Is A Tax Dodger

OPINION- Running against a real conservative in New Jersey's 5th Congressional District, John McCann, an ally and subaltern of Democrat Sheriff and County boss Michael Saudino, John McCann likes to portray himself as the Trumpiest of Trumpians. 

We are calling BS on that. A man who aided a Sheriff who switched from the GOP to the Democrats and who aided in an historic takeover of a former Republican stronghold by the Democrats is no Trumpian! 

We have just learned, through basic research, that the man is a tax dodger. The IRS has leans of $118,000 out on him. Meanwhile, he loans his own campaign $100,000, which it is doubtful he'll spend. A slippery lawyer who will try to ride the MAGA train, he has zero credentials as a conservative and plenty as a friend and ally of the Democrats.

We present exhibit A:

Being MAGA is about more than SAYING you support President Trump, it's about a proven track record of fighting for the values and the agenda we associate with the MAGA agenda.


We think....


We think....

He is a tax dodging, slippery poser

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