Author: Ivo Fisic

A Declaration of War, the War Against Anti-America

Sean Davis of The Federalist rightly recognized that President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was a declaration of war.  Davis said, “President Donald J. Trump did not walk to the microphone in front of the Capitol today to salve wounds or mend hurt feelings. There were no calls for unity or attempts to bridge the political divide. After being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Trump issued a call to arms and declared war on the ruling class.” We couldn’t agree more.  Your notice has been served, on the left and the right.  Business as usual is...

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NeverTrumpers Aim to Hijack PA GOP

  By Tricia Cunningham Our grassroots movement is going to continue our groundswell state by state. The focus now is Pennsylvania! We sent a clear message to Washington DC that we want to #Draintheswamp and after making Pennsylvania RED for the first time since 1988 we CANNOT allow #NeverTrumper Val DiGiorgio the State GOP Chairman position. The only candidate who supported President Trump’s agenda from day one is Lawrence Tabas. He has fought hard to win the election recount lawsuits, has sacrificed his time and efforts for Conservative values in our great state for over 3 decades and promises...

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Demented Ashley Judd Accuses Donald Trump of Thinking THIS sick thing about Ivanka

Ashley Judd shows the class of a progressive fully immersed in the ideology of hate at the hate-filled women’s march against President Donald Trump.  She decided to accuse President Trump of having “wet dreams” about his own daughter in this clip.  Ashley and her cohort of nasty women are doing the work of assuring another catastrophic election in 2018 for the progressive hate...

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