The Associated Press is at it again, spinning more fake news in an attempt to stop President Trump from derailing the Progressive Hate Machine the flagship of the Progressive Party Press so dearly loves.

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AP makes a major fake news claim, that 100,000 troops will be sent out to round up illegal aliens.  Here’s what Sean Spicer said about the fake news story from the progressive party press flagship, AP, “This is not true. DHS also confirms it is 100% false.”
DHS stated, ”

The ORIGINAL AP HEADLINE read, “Trump weighs mobilizing National Guard for Immigration Roundups.”

Here’s the screenshot of the original headline as AP tweeted it:

The story is based on a draft memo by staff from within the DHS.  These types of scenarios, in all extremes, are typically done by departments on a routine basis.  AP knows this, and they attempted to create a false, very dangerous, narrative that President Trump himself was personally considering sending out 100,000 troops to round up illegal aliens.  After AP was called to task, they changed their headline to this, “AP exclusive:  DHS weighed Nat Guard for immigration roundups.”




Here’s the new screenshot:

Note the picture they chose to show, seeming to depict the national guard rounding up illegal aliens, when no such action has taken place, unless, of course, you want to go back to the Bill Clinton Presidency, when they used the National Guard to round up Elian Gonzales and send him back to Cuba.