Thanks to the people of Project Veritas, another lefist agitator is facing justice. This time, the agitator is Scott Ryan Charney,34, ho plead guilty to conspiracy to commit assault for his plans to disrupt the Deploraball for President Donald Trump.

An anti-Trump protester pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiracy for his role in plotting to shut down an inaugural ball by setting off stink bombs and sprinklers, a case brought after the man was videotaped discussing the scheme by Project Veritas.
Scott Ryan Charney, 34, pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit assault. Under an agreement made with prosecutors, the D.C. resident can have his criminal record expunged in six months so long as he completes 48 hours of community service, is not rearrested, and abides by other conditions including a requirement to issue a verbal or written apology to organizers of the targeted event — the DeploraBall.
Source: Scott Charney, third protester, pleads guilty in plot to wreck Trump inaugural ball – Washington Times