David Brock and company plan a $40 million war chest to fight to stop our revolution, the Trump Revolution.

According to Politico, these Democratic operatives, who oppose democracy, want to raise this money to “fight Donald Trump.” Of course that will be leveraged with millions of dollars worth of free fake news media coverage and free celebrity rants.

Our fight is not going to be easy. The truth is that the left has BILLIONS of dollars to back them up! And, on the right, we see TIME AFTER TIME, the big money goes to the same motley crew of consultants and other darlings of the powers that be who ACHIEVEĀ ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

So we have to do this ourselves. Of course, you can SPONSOR US and help us market our message, provide content, and hire staff to manage things to mobilize and active people. You can also become a part of our team and use our platform to help mobilize your fellow Trump Supporters.

The left can inject lots of money. But we have spirit and dedication to our cause. Yes, we need some money. It would be nice if we had $40 million, but we all know that people who could finance our efforts, and I mean that in a collective sense for all the myriad of Trump support groups and efforts, won’t give their support to real fighters. They play it safe, they want control, and they want to line the pockets of the same old group of useless consultants. (Not ALL consultants are useless, but often these great performers are under-funded.)

So we need you to get involved. We need to join our email list. That’s an easy starters. We need you to attend some online gatherings, or watch them later, that will help you be effective in your online activism in support of Donald Trump. We need you to find a role in our leadership team and help steer activities.

Here is an EASY way to start, use the contact form below and we will put you on our list. Submit it and as we gather people we will send more information and updates.

We cannot rely on anyone else to do with. We have to do this ourselves, and we have to do it now.