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Our Approach

We are going to mobilize, organize, and activate people to defend the Trump Revolutuon. Our approach combines a virtual local focus with a governance model that empowers you while maintaining unity and discipline against our opponents, the globalists, the media, and the elites in both parties. We are unashamed paleopopulists who stand for the dignity of every American!

Our Story

We started The Trump Revolution as a small project to get our message out…but it grew way beyond what we planned. Now, we are taking it to the next level and organizing people who want to defend the Trump Revolution against the rabid left!

Meet the Team

We are your peaceful revolutionaries, defending the Trump agenda from the forces of globalism, elitism, and coporate/government gigantism! JOIN US!

publisher bill collier

Bill Collier

Founder & Director

He’s been doing media, marketing, news, and politics since 1992!

mr chili

Ivo Fisik

Media Director

A bit shy, Ivo manages the media tech and graphics around here.

Trump Revolution Logo Blue Border



You get to tell us where you want to go…we provide the roadmap.

Next Steps…

Get involved, register with our website and be on the Action List..

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