William R Collier Jr

Funder and Publisher/Director Bill Collier

The Trump Revolution USA is a free-market-powered effort to inform, educate, inspire, and mobilize activists who support the peaceful political revolution represented by the election of Donald J. Trump as our President. Our aim is to create a portal and a platform for activists that is not itself an organization  but that gives exposure to groups, organizations, websites, news sites, and blogs that support our President and his agenda. 
To support our effort and compensate people who get involved in running things we will rely on the free market. This means advertising and paid services. But the content and news updates will be free. Members will be able to subscribe for $5 per month to get ad-free content with some exclusive content, but we want to keep most all of what we do free so it can serve and motivate as many people as possible. We will introduce revenue-sharing plans for bloggers, authors, and other contributors. We will also give you maximum exposure and recognition if you participate in writing, helping activists with your insights and leadership, moderating, and the such.

Their are two companies that own this platform, Regal Blue Media and the Lehigh Valley Volunteer. Regal Blue Media is primarily responsible for content and mobilization as well as the architecture and hosting of the site. LVV is responsible for site design, graphics, updates and raw news as well as video and the like. We both perform functions in social media outreach and site marketing. 

TR-USA is headed up by William R Collier Jr, the owner of Regal Blue Media, who founded and launched the site and who takes personal responsibility for organizing activity and approving participants. Mr Collier is well versed in activist recruiting and mobilization, having played a large role in launching Tea Party groups through Team Sarah, which he administered as the Community Governance Adviser. Team Sarah was the largest social conservative activist website during the 2008 election cycle and remains viable as a platform today. Currently, Regal Blue Media owns Team Sarah as a platform with the support of its founding members. 

This platform and the community we are building, including nearly 500 signed up activists with 46,000 followers on Facebook and a weekly reach ranging from 65,000 to 150,000, is independent of all political organizations as well as the White House. We do however try our best to take our cue from, first, what we see as the priorities of the White House and then what leading groups are doing. We then come along and promote those activities and priorities. That being said, we alone are responsible for what we do and we own no responsibility for what others do who are not affiliated formally with us. 


Look, it is not easy setting up a proper non-profit with legal firepower. What is more, being a non-profit seems too much like turning our back on the free market. Finally, as a media property owned by two media companies, we are well protected by the first amendment. This means that if you support us as a sponsor or subscriber you won’t get a tax write-off, we don’t owe you or the government any explanation of how we spend the money, and you will be motivated by the value you get in return, which we think is a better approach any way. If you participate in our platform and form groups or blogs and the such, it’s just like being on any other platform, only we will work to create a revenue-sharing model that could just get you some extra cash: because we are shameless and proud capitalists. If that is off-putting to you, we respect that, but we suspect for most it will be a breath of fresh air.

Now, let’s be real, like our President is real, if we find supporters with deep enough pockets who want to make this a non-profit so they can support our work and enable us to compensate people who help, then we would consider that. For now, that’s not in the cards.


Actually, it began as a sort of experiment. I (Bill) was being considered for a marketing project aimed at assisting a potential pro-Trump effort. I launched the page and site wanting to see what it would take to market to Trump supporters, and it took off. My brother then got involved and designed the website while pitching in for half the nearly $3000 we have spent on marketing and on other expenses. This is a pithy amount of money considering how far we have come. 


Stand by. We are responding to the demands and requests of our readers and subscribers. The Action Page is a good place to check out for that.


We don’t have sponsor ad packages ready yet. I’m looking at a small $125 per month business directory sponsorship for a page that has no more than 40 sponsors and a guaranteed exposure to 50,000 people per week. We’re only offering 40 of these spots, which will allow us to start building a custom platform and to possibly pay some part time staff, since we have full-time work running our companies. Beyond that…we’ll see. I am happy with our current traffic and the results we could deliver for this kind of sponsorship, but we need to grow more to have bigger plans.


Well, it’s more about technical limits. It’s easy just put a button like this up and give people an opportunity to show support. Think of it as tip jar. Soon, it will be replaced. But you are welcome to consider pitching in the tip of you enjoy our work! So leave a tip….it us encouraging!