It's time to roll. Our President needs us, our country needs us, to step up and stand out in a visible way that gets attention. We want to encourage fellow Trump supporters that they are not alone. We want to show the politicians in the GOPe that our coalition will decimate them at the ballot box if they don't stop meddling in and hindering our agenda. We want to show the nation at large not to believe the fake news polls.

How will we do this?

Simple. We are going to organize ourselves and do "flash protests."

What is a Flash Protest? It is a small, unannounced protest by as few as 3-5 people, as many as 20, who show up with signs and who make a video of themselves  We will have lots of ideas on things, people, and organization we should protest. We also prize your ideas! Alternatively, we may show up to show SUPPORT for a politician or a news personality, for instance, for doing something good.

You need to join the main Trump Revolution Group for information- CLICK HERE

There, you can see and share ideas on how to do your own Flash Protest.

On our main site, you can also start your own local group, or any kind of group, and invite your friends join. If you need a place to go where you won't be shut down, or where you know you can have privacy, use our platform. Go the MAIN GROUPS HUB NEW GROUP to start your own group.

I also encourage you to write your own blogs on this platform. You have an opportunity to have your blog entry featured here and shared to our 107,700 member and growing Facebook page! CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR OWN BLOG POST NOW!

I am looking for VOLUNTEER LEADERS to help coordinate this effort. In general I need:

Senior Community Guides- you will help moderate and assist members who want to start a group or stage their own flash protest

Broadcast Team Members- I need 5-10 people who will help devise strategies, and carry them out, to get videos produced by local people in their flash protests out to the world, as well as to help recruit people for this activist network

Page Editors- people who will help produce content for The Trump Revolution Page: if you have your own group or organization and want to be able to post your content on our page, this is an opportunity

To inquire about any of these opportunities, email flag@freedomist.com

I am so glad so many of you have answered the call to get involved!


William R. Collier Jr.

Founder- The Freedom Revolution USA

Trump Revolution USA


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